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Areas of research

Research on the mechanisms of the acquisition, production, transformation, dissemination and comprehension of arts and literature and their fundamental properties. This area also includes the analysis of literary phenomena and their associated theories, the study of literary corpora, and intertextual and transcultural issues including the connections between the literature of a given society and other literatures.

Arts, Literature and Society
  • Analysis and Theories of Artistic or Literary
  • Works
  •  Analysis of Artistic or Literary Works
  •  Arts, Literature and Subjectivity
  •  Social Determinants of Arts and Letters
  •  Reading and Reception
  •  Artistic and Literary Marginality
  •  Artistic and Literary Analysis Models
  •  Artistic and Literary Movements, Schools,
  • Styles and Corpora
  •  Artistic and Literary Theories
  •  Mediation and Diffusion
  •  Dissemination and Reception Contexts of
  • Artistic or Literary Works
  •  Social Impact of Arts Education
  •  Social Identity of the Artist or Author
  •  Agents of Legitimation
  •  Cultural Industries
  •  Methods and Strategies for Dissemination
  •  Arts and Literary Policies
  •  Arts Audiences
  •  Artistic and Cultural Heritage
  •  Heritage Business Management and
  • Development
  •  Cultural Institutions (Museums, Libraries, etc.)
  •  Methods for the Conservation, Valorization,
  • Restoration or Protection of Artistic and
  • Cultural Heritage (Architectural, Literary,
  • Musical, Theatrical, etc.)
  •  Heritage Policies

Research activities and processes associated with the creation or interpretation of artistic or literary works. Research/creation may involve various modes of exploration or experimentation, combine diverse artistic disciplines or explore different techniques, materials, forms or technologies with the goal of contributing to the development and enrichment of cultural heritage.

Writing and Fine Arts
  • Printing Arts
  • Electronic  Arts
  • Comic Strips
  • Filmmaking
  • Drawing
  • Exploration and Transformation of Organic,
  • Electronic or Synthetic Materials
  • Installations
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Sculpture
  • Video and New Media

Research on the major stages of cultural development, understood to be a set of productions, symbolic representations, facts and events that mark or marked an era, a period, a society or its evolution. This area also includes the study of methods for the conservation and vaporization of cultural heritage.

Cultures, Religions and Civilizations
  •  Archaeological Data Analysis
  •  Prehistoric Art
  •  Population Movements
  •  Archaeological excavation Methods and
  • Techniques
  •  Origins and Development of Agriculture
  •  Origins and Evolution of Man
  •  Stages of Development (Upper Paleolithic,
  • Mesolithic, etc.)
  •  Sedentarization Process
  •  Resource Production and Distribution Systems

The study of individuals, groups and human communities and the dynamics that characterize, differentiate and drive them. Topics include the social determinants of well-being, problems of social adaptation of individuals or groups, life cycles and various aspects of individual and family development, in addition to research into social networks, social cohesiveness and social insertion and integration.

The Development and Functioning of Individuals, Communities and Social Living
  •  Sexual Abuse
  •  Crime
  •  Delinquency
  •  Homelessness and Homeless
  •  People
  •  Pornography
  •  Behavioural Problems
  •  Prostitution
  •  Suicide
  •  Drug Abuse
  •  Ethnic and Intercultural Relations
  •  Violence
  •  Mutual Aid Relationships and
  •  Social Networks

Research on economic development and the structure and dynamics of different markets across all sectors and forms of economic and financial activity. This area also includes the study of all types of economic policies, including employment policies, in addition to the study of economic methodologies and techniques for the modelling and analysis of economic data.

The Economy, Employment and Markets
  •  Resource Allocation
  •  Household Behaviour
  •  Supply and Demand Dynamics
  •  Savings
  •  General Stability and Welfare
  •  Production Factors Market
  •  Shortage
  •  Revenue Distribution
  •  Market Structures
  •  Economic Flux and Systems
  •  Cost and Production Theory

Research on educational situations, contexts and processes. Topics include the study of school adaptation and integration and academic success and dropout, in addition to the process of learning, teaching modes, didactics and evaluation, the conditions conducive to the acquisition of knowledge or skills and teacher education.

Education, Knowledge and Skills
  •  Intercultural Training
  •  Educational Maladjustment
  •  Occupational Integration
  •  Educational Counselling

Studies on systems of thought, values, normative systems and the ethical rules governing the development of individuals, knowledge and societies.

Fundamental Issues and Meaning of Life
  • Epistemology and Methodology
  • Foundations of Religious, Mystical,
  • Mythical and Moral Thought
  • Fundamentals of Scientific
  • Thought
  •  Forms of Knowledge
  •  Pragmatic Meaning
  •  Logic Theories and Rules

Research on issues relating to the management of organizations, including the planning, organization, management and control of various management functions and activities within organizations.

Organizational Management
  •  Communication and Public Relations
  •  Entrepreneurship
  •  Evaluation, Analysis and Project Management
  •  Management in Different Sectors
  •  Change Management (Structural, Technological and   Cultural)
  •  Crisis Management
  •  Leadership
  •  Political and Administrative Organization

Research into the mechanisms of the acquisition, comprehension, production and transformation of language and its fundamental properties. Topics include the study of learning, contact between languages and geolinguistic variations.

Language and Languages
  •  Bilingualism and Multilingualism
  •  Classification, Comparison and Evolution of World
  •  Languages
  •   Language Contact and Linguistic Changes
  •   Dialects
  •   Lexicography and Dictionaries
  •   Translation Modes
  •   Language Rights and Policies
  •   Automatic Language Processing
  •   Linguistic Variation and Society

Research focusing on the study of communication models and contexts, the conditions for the development of media and communications and how they change over time. Topics include the analysis of audience evolution; media content and impacts; the psychological, social and cultural impacts of new communication technologies; and communication and information policies.

Media, Communication and Information
  •  Collections, Acquisitions and Cataloguing
  •  Conservation and Restoration
  •  Archival Policies

Research into the organization, planning and development of spaces. Topics include habitat and living environments, planning and development practices and policies, the management and protection of natural and built environments, and the role of populations and migration.

Living Environments, Planning and Appropriation of Human Spaces
  •  Architectural Conception
  •  Environmental Design Landscape Evolution Management
  •  Landscape and Environmental Organization
  •  Environmental Planning Practices
  •  Environment Protection and Management

Research into the characteristics, role, evolution and functioning of society, public institutions and civil society. Topics include the study of changes in public and private administration and the impact of these changes on the public and private sectors, and the study of the many aspects of political and civil dynamics: ideas, systems, groups, conflicts, power and the exercise of citizenship.

The Nature, Transformation and Governance of Society and Institutions
  •  Interest Groups and Lobbying
  •  Political Ideologies
  •  Social Movements
  •  Political Parties
  •  Political Socialization

Research on the interactions, exchanges and evolution of relations between nations and the development dynamics associated with them, in addition to the study of the cultural, social, legal, economic and political causes and consequences of globalization. Topics include issues relating to geopolitical reconfiguration, cultural exchange, security, diplomacy, international law and the protection of rights and freedoms.

International Relations and Development
  •  Foreign Aid
  •  International Cooperation
  •  International Arbitration and Law
  •  Globalization
  •  International Criminal Court