Competition year : 

Deadline (pre-request) : 
February 17th, 2022 at 16:00 (EST)

Deadline (application) : 
June 14th, 2022 at 16:00 (EST)

Announcement of results : 
End of Fall 2022

Amount : 
$CAD150,000 per year

Duration : 
Maximum 3-years non-renewable


ERAPerMed network partners


The information provided in this pre-announcement is indicative, may be subject to changes, and is not legally binding to funding organisations. Additional funding organisations might join the call before the official publication.

Interested applicants are encouraged to initiate scientific contacts with potential project consortium partners for applications.

The final call information is now available on the ERAPerMed website since December 1st, 2021.

The ERAPerMed network, in which the Fonds de recherche du Québec – Santé (FRQS) is a partner, is launching a joint transnational call for proposals to support research in the field of personalised medicine.


Overall objectives of the ERAPerMed program (i) to support translational research projects in the field of Personalised Medicine; (ii) to encourage and enable interdisciplinary collaborations towards implementation of PM, in combining pre-clinical or clinical research with bio-informatics components as well as ELSA research or implementation research, including health economics; (iii) to encourage collaboration between academia (research teams from universities, higher education institutions, public research institutions, research centres), clinical/public health research (research teams from hospital/ public health, healthcare settings and other healthcare organisations), private partners e.g. SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) as well as policy makers, regulatory/HTA agencies and patient organisations.

  1. preventive measures decreasing the rate of incidence (primary prevention),
  2. early detection to increase the efficacy of a preventive therapy, even before symptoms are developed (secondary prevention), and
  3. interventions preventing disease recurrence or improving patients’ care and quality of life (tertiary prevention).

Proposals must be interdisciplinary and clearly demonstrate the potential impact in Personalised Medicine as well as the added value of transnational collaboration. Each proposal MUST address at least One (1) Module out of each Research Area. At least, Three (3) modules will have to be addressed in total.


The Research Area 1: “Translating Basic to Clinical Research and Beyond”

Module 1A: Pre-clinical Research*
Module 1B: Clinical Research*

*FRQS do not fund above exploratory research nor extensive clinical trials.

The Research Area 2: “Data and Information and Communication Technology (ICT)”

Module 2A: Data and ICT – Enabling Technology
Module 2B: Data and ICT – Towards application in health care

*ICT: Information and Communications Technology

The Research Area 3: “Responsible and Effective Implementation in Healthcare”.

Module 3A: Health Economics and Implementation Support
Module 3B: Ethical, Legal and social aspects in Health Care

Early-Career Scientists (Junior Researchers) – FRQS definition
Early career researchers (Junior 1 and Junior 2) are encouraged to submit an application as a Principal Investigator (the Junior status begins no more than six (6) years after obtaining a Ph.D. and lasts no more than eight (8) years).
Postdoctoral trainees cannot apply to this Competition as Investigators.

National/Regional Eligibility

Comply with the requirements of the FRQ Common General Rules to be eligible for the program.

All candidates eligible to receive funding from the FRQS wishing to apply to this program as a Quebec Principal Investigator must complete an FRQNet e-form via the e-portfolio under the Available competition section.

All candidates eligible to receive funds from the FRQS wishing to participate to this program as a Quebec Co-Investigator must give their consent in the FRQNet e-form via the e-portfolio under the As Co-Investigator section.

The deadlines for submitting a proposal follow those of the European call.


Specific conditions and requirements may apply for each of the participating funding agencies. Those requirements are available on the ERAPerMed JTC2022 call websites.


By submitting a proposal to this competition, you agree to allow the FRQS and partner agencies to share and cross checks the information contained in your proposal. Principal investigators must ensure that all co-investigators and/or collaborators are aware of the rules regarding the sharing of the information contained in the proposal. There will be no sharing of confidential or sensitive personal data (gender-specific data).

The information provided on the content of the call is indicative and may be subject to changes. Please refer to the official documents of the call on the European website.

For detailed information about this call: ERAPerMed website